Pitfalls of free website builders

Published On: March 27, 2017|Categories: Web Design|1 min read|

As web designers we are often asked about the pitfalls of the free website builder platforms.

The main freebies used in Australia are wix, weebly & squarespace. From a design perspective there is nothing wrong with using these platforms for what we would call ‘entry-level websites’.

The number of designs is growing all the time and they are starting to come up to speed with responsive themes, blogging, newsletter creators etc. As expected, most of these website builders do get you to pay to unlock features for things like email services, custom domains, removing the template builder ads, better hosting plans etc.

From a developers perspective there is plenty wrong. Web developers care about 3 things: security, portability and discoverability. If we can’t backup and restore a site we worry. If we can’t migrate the site to another platform when the business demands it, we worry. If we can’t get to the guts of the code and apply detailed technical or SEO strategies we worry.

A DIY website might get you started. But for a business on the move, it won’t go the distance which is why we recommend you partner with a developer for security and support.

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