Is your website a fashion accessory or a business tool?

Published On: April 12, 2018|Categories: Tips, Web Design|1 min read|

Do you want a website that does more than look pretty?

You need a website designed, not decorated. So what’s the difference?

Website design includes both the planning and the creation of a website around the goals of the business. Website design is researched, intentional, and strategic.

The information architecture, site structure, the navigation, the conversion strategy, and how the website fits into the greater online marketing strategy can all play a part in reaching the goals of the website.

Common goals that website design can help you reach:

  • Provide visitors with your information 24/7
  • Provide convenient access to your systems like customer portals
  • Answer frequently asked questions etc etc

Web design feeds into website development and these two specialisations work hand in hand.

Decoration on the other hand is chiefly concerned with the aesthetics and not strategy. Decoration can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing space, but it is not necessarily formed around achieving the website goals.

For successful business web design and development (not decoration) call kurl web on 1300 888 307.

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