How Broken Links Are Bad for Business

Published On: January 25, 2020|Categories: Tips, Web Content|1 min read|

So what is a broken link?

It’s a redirect that no longer works usually because the page linked to no longer exists. It can be internal or external.

What happens?

The visitor is presented with a 404 or page not found error. 404’s can be frustrating for a user. They can affect a business’s reputation.In terms of search rankings, broken links really hurt.

When Google spiders crawl a website and follow the link to other websites which no longer exist, Google Spiders will read it as a dead end. When Google Spiders detected too many 404 error pages, your website’s value will decrease.

Broken links also affect bounce rates. When Google sees that visitors are leaving a page on your site within seconds of landing it assumes the visitor didn’t find what they’re looking for and the website is flagged as less credible.

As webmasters, we can create an interesting and unique 404 error page, however the best cure is prevention.

Website owners should check the validity of all outbound and internal links from time to time.

Kurl web has tools to quickly check for broken links and repair them. If you need help call us on 1300 888 307 or google kurl web with a k.

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