Demystifying Domains

Published On: March 3, 2018|Categories: Domains|1 min read|

So what’s the deal with domains?

When it comes to getting a website up and running even seasoned IT professionals can go cross-eyed with all that’s involved in making that happen.

The first step is registering your domain (or web address) for your website eg

Once you have chosen an available domain name you can register it at a domain registry. You need an ABN or similar to register a address. The domain should always be registered to the business owner, not a staff member, the website designer, a graphic designer or anyone else.  It is a digital asset of the business.

You can register a domain for up to five years (depending on the registry).

The Domain Registrar’s role is simply to insert your domain record into the Internet and then tell people how to find you. For this to happen, we need to enter Name Server settings. A Name Server answers DNS queries and gives out appropriate responses. The domain settings also need to include email records if you have mailboxes attached to a domain.

kurl web can manage all your domain registration and setting requirements. We use an Australian domain registry.

Email or call 1300 888 307

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